EV Nova Resource ID Guide

Items in bold are required for the game to load cleanly
Items in italics are by convention only

Valid ID Ranges
shän 128-895
bööm 128-191
crön 128-639
düde 128-639
flët 128-383
gövt 128-383
jünk 128-255
mïsn 128-1127
nëbu 128-159
öops 128-383
oütf 128-639
përs 128-1151
ränk 128-255
röid 128-143
shïp 128-895
spöb 128-2175
sÿst 128-2175
wëap 128-383

spïn IDs
Note: All sprites with masks should be encoded as rlëDs. The others (606 and 608-610) are optional.
400-463 Explosions
500 Cargo boxes
501-504 Mini-asteroids for mining
600-605 Main menu buttons. If not present the buttons cannot be clicked but keyboard shortcuts will still work.
606 Main screen logo. This requires at least two frames and will be played in random order. It does not use a mask.
607 Main screen rollover images
608-610 Main screen button animations. These are played within a fixed time so more frames does not mean a longer animation. They do not use masks.
650 Target cursor
700 Starfield
800-815 Asteroids. To ensure these appear on widescreen displays they should all have a frame size of at least 50x50 (for 16:10) or 100x100 (for 16:9).
1000-1255 Stellar objects
3000-3255 Weapons

shän IDs
895 Escape Pod

bööm IDs
128 'Spark'. A random number of these can be used in weapon or ship explosions in addition to the main explosion type. It will also appear when a weapon with an explosion type of 129 or higher expires.

dësc IDs
128-2175 Stellar object descriptions
3000-3511 Outfit item descriptions
4000-4999 Mission offer texts
5000-5999 Mission briefing texts
6000-6999 Mission quick brief texts
7000-7999 Mission load cargo texts
8000-8999 Mission drop cargo texts
9000-9999 Mission completion texts
10000-12047 Bar descriptions
13000-13767 Ship class descriptions
13999 Message shown after the player uses an escape pod.
14000-14767 Ship pilot descriptions, shown in the hire-escort dialog.
15000-15999 Mission failure texts
16000-16999 Mission ship goal completion texts
17000-17999 Mission refusal texts
20000+ Character intro texts
32760-32763 Racing commentary, tells who won when gambling.
32764 Racing help text
32766 Acknowledgements text, shown when the player presses 'x' at the main screen.
32767 About text

flët IDs
382 Small anti-escort fleet. Shows up around 75% of the time (guesstimate) when you have at least 50 tons of cargo space from trader-type escorts. Ignores LinkSyst.
383 Big anti-escort fleet. Shows up around 75% of the time (guesstimate) when you have at least 200 tons of cargo space from trader-type escorts. Ignores LinkSyst.

ïntf IDs
128 Used for ships with no inherent government

gövt IDs
128 Independent systems use the Crime Tolerance from this gövt

përs IDs
1150 Bounty Hunter. If any stellars are dominated this person will show up around 20% of the time (guesstimate) and attack the player. Ignores LinkMission.
1151 Internally reserved for Cap'n Hector, do not use.

shïp IDs
128 The ship given to the player after using an escape pod.
895 Escape Pod. This is not required for the escape pod to function properly but if present the escape pod will inherit certain attributes from it. It cannot be used as an AI ship but if used as the player's ship it will be invulnerable.

rlëD IDs
Note: rlëDs store both the sprite and the mask in the same resource which means that the mask field in spïn and shän resources is ignored.
Note: Do not create rlë8 resources for your plug-in. These are an obsolete resource type used to store 8-bit versions of sprites.
Note: Any sprites not listed here should use the same ID as their spïns.
200-455 Weapons
1000-1199 Ship base sprites
1200-1399 Ship alternate sprites
1400-1599 Ship engine glows
1600-1799 Ship running lights
1800-1999 Ship weapon glows
2000-2255 Stellar objects
4000-4063 Explosions
12000-12199 Ship shield glows

Note: PICTs should not use any QuickTime compression as they may not work on the Windows version of Nova. For best results, all PICTs should be exactly 16-bit (w00tware's BlitZen utility can help with this).
129 Strict Play explanation (182x22 standard)
130 Icon shown in New Pilot dialog (32x32 standard)
131 Splash screen
700+ Status bar backgrounds (width=194 only, height=767 standard)
3000-3767 Ship target images (128x64 only)
5000-5767 Shipyard/communication images (200x200 standard)
6000-6511 Outfit item images (200x200 standard)
7500-7502 Dialog buttons, left, middle and right (??x25 standard). The middle sections are stretched out to fill the length of a button.
7503-7505 Dialog buttons clicked
7506-7508 Dialog buttons disabled
7600-7608 Dialog button masks. Unlike sprite masks, white is transparent here. Middle sections do not use masks.
7800+ Custom person communication images
8000 Main screen background
8010 Main screen logo
8030-8032 Main screen button animations
8100 Ambrosia logo, shown before the splash screen.
8200+ Character intro images
8500-8529 Dialog backgrounds
8530-8533 Gambling buttons (100x100 standard)
8540-8543 Gambling buttons clicked
8550-8553 Gambling buttons winner
8560-8563 Gambling buttons loser
9000 Default news image (300x230 standard)
9001+ Custom government news images
9500-9723 Nebulae images. 32 groups of 7, for different map zoom levels. Note: It is recommended to only have one image per nebula, at the largest available size.
10000-10255 Stellar landing scenes (612x285 standard)
11000+ Custom stellar landing scenes
20128-20895 Ship scenes, for the ship info dialog (600x400 standard). These are referenced by the ship/pilot descriptions.

snd  IDs
128 Warp up. If this sound is missing there may be odd behaviour with x2 mode.
129 Warp up x2, used when in x2 mode. If this sound is missing the game will activate x2 mode whenever any other sound is playing.
130 Warp out
150 Beep 1: navigation off, hyperspace on, map close, stellar select.
151 Beep 2: mission info open, request/grant landing clearance, cancel self-destruct.
152 Beep 3: map open, mission info/communication close, cycle weapons/targets/hyper routes, self-destruct countdown.
153 Beep 4: unable to land/hyperjump/board, no active missions, mission failed, initiate self-destruct.
154 Beep 5: open communication, center map, hyperspace clearance, person hail quotes, reinforcements approaching, jettison cargo.
200-455 Weapon sounds. Beware the overlap with some of the following sounds.
300-363 Explosion sounds
370 Red Alert
371 Klaxxon, played when player's ship is exploding.
372 Eject
380 Cloak off
381 Cloak on
390 Airlock, played when boarding another ship.
600 Menu button down
601 Menu button up
602 Menu button start animation
603 Menu button end animation
1000-1029 Voice type 0 fighter/escort speeches. 3 groups of 10: acknowledgement, targeting, victory.
1700-1729 Voice type 7 fighter/escort speeches
10000+ Custom stellar landing sounds
30003 'Transition' music. This sound will be played along with any and all intro pics defined by a char.

128 Default Names. 3 groups of 3: pilot names, pilot nicknames, ship names.
130 Default Filenames, used by the mac version of Nova.
134 Legal Status. Entry 1 is for uninhabited systems, 2 is a clean record, 3-10 are the bad scale, 11-16 are the good scale, 17 is when a stellar in the system is dominated, 18 is when all stellars in the system are dominated.
137 Dates and Numbers. Entries 1-12 are month names, 13-24 are month abbreviations, 25-28 are date suffixes, 29-38 are number names.
138 Combat Ratings
150 Button Labels
1000 Message Buoys
1100 Stellar Types
2002 Miscellaneous strings. Unfortunately there's way too much stuff in here to list.
3000 Ship Communication strings. 33 groups of 5: open channel, greetings (non-talkative), open channel (hostile), unknown, open channel (mission escort), open channel (carried ship), unknown, unknown, unknown, greetings (generic), unknown, unknown, can't afford payment, greetings (hostile), won't assist (unnecessary), coming to assist (combat), won't assist (busy), won't assist (don't want to), assist if paid (combat), won't assist (ridiculous), accept mercy bribe, deny mercy, won't assist (carried ship), mercy if paid, mercy if paid (mean), won't assist (fleet escort), unknown, mercy for free, assist if paid (service), coming to assist (service), reject lower price (mercy), reject lower price (assistance), unknown.
3002 Stellar Communication strings. 10 groups of 5: open channel, demand tribute (inexperienced), demand tribute, unknown, greetings (hostile), demand tribute (successful), reject lower price, release, allow bribe, deny bribe.
4000 Basic cargo types. The full names of the six basic cargo types that may appear in the Trade Center.
4001 Lowercase cargo names, for all cargo types. Used in the 'Cargo' section of the player info and the <CT> description tag.
4002 Cargo abbreviations, for all cargo types. Used in the 'Special' section of the cargo status display.
4003 Basic cargo status display labels
4004 Basic cargo base prices
5003 Ship help messages, shown when a trader is under attack.
6999-7255 Government-specific ship greetings (6999 for independent). Entries 1-5 are for traders, 6-10 are for warships/interceptors. Blank or "*" entries will instead use the generic greetings from STR# 3000. Beware the overlap with the next two STR#s.
7100 Person communication quotes
7101 Person hail quotes
7500+ Special Advice
8100 Commercials, shown in the news dialog.
8101 Generic news, shown when no other news is applicable.
10000+ Mission special ship names
15000+ Cron-controlled news
25000+ Qxxx messages

STR  resources are used to 'patch' individual entries of STR# resources.
Beware the overlaps with cargo types.
1000+ STR# 1000 (Message Buoys)
5000+ STR# 7101 (Person hail quotes)
7000-7255 STR# 1100 (Stellar Types)
9000-9005 STR# 4000 (Basic cargo types)
9100-9355 STR# 4001 (Lowercase cargo names)
9200-9455 STR# 4002 (Cargo abbreviations)
9300-9305 STR# 4004 (Basic cargo base prices)
9400-9405 STR# 4003 (Basic cargo status display labels)
10000-12569 STR# 6999-7255 (Government-specific ship greetings)
15001+ STR# 7100 (Person communication quotes)

cicn IDs
1000+ Smoke sets. Groups of 8, from small to large.
10000-10003 Stellar target brackets, top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left.
10004-10007 Dominated stellar target brackets
10008-10011 Hostile ship target brackets
10012-10015 Ship target brackets
10016-10019 Fighter/escort target brackets
10020-10023 Disabled ship target brackets
15000 Red mission arrow. On the map these will point to destination systems for missions player has active.
15001 Green mission arrow. This will point to the destination system for the selected mission.
18000-18001 Red Alert. These will appear as an addition to the Red Alert sound when the volume is turned down low.
20000 x2 indicator

ppat IDs
128-137 Interference patterns