EV Nova mod 3
Custom edition of EV Nova for macOS 10.11 to 10.14, with compatibility fixes, font size setting, and support for the .rez plug-in format.

EV/O TCs & Related Plug-ins

EV Classic for Nova 1.1.4 (7.5 MB)
29 November 2021: 1.1.4 released with anti-escort fleets enabled.

Port of the original Escape Velocity to the Nova engine.

rEV 1.1b6 (28.7 MB)
16 September 2021: Updated to match EVC changes.

Kris Quistorff's rEVisited graphical remake and expansion, rebuilt for EV Classic for Nova.

The Frozen Heart (7.4 MB)
16 September 2021: Updated with combat rating improvements.

Martin Turner's classic adventure, ported to the Nova engine.

EV Override for Nova 1.1.3 (8.6 MB)
16 September 2021: 1.1.3 released with combat rating improvements.

Port of the original EV Override to the Nova engine.

EVO Extras (991 KB)
29 June 2022: Updated Paaren Proceedings with minor fixes.

Collection of six small plug-ins for EV Override for Nova.

EVO Facelift 1.0.6 (22.1 MB)
16 September 2021: Updated to match EVO changes.

Tim Morgan's graphical facelift for EV Override for Nova.

Cold Fusion for Nova 1.0.1 (10.1 MB)
20 October 2009: 1.0.1 released with minor fixes and improvements.

Dreamwave Studios' Cold Fusion graphics replacement for EV Override, ported to the Nova engine by Dr. Trowel.

Don't Panic
All plug-ins on this site are in the Windows ".rez" format. This makes it super easy for Windows users to use, but Mac users need not worry! When using the mod version of EV Nova, as shown at the top of this page, all .rez files will automatically be converted to Mac format when the game runs.

Nova Plug-ins

Dodge That (86 KB)

Dodge the crazy torpedo for as long as you can! Start a new Dodge That pilot to begin.

Collision Damage (1 KB)

Looking for a challenge? With Collision Damage asteroids are no longer the friendly background decorations they once were. Visit any mission computer to begin.

Shields (306 KB)

Nova shield graphics plug by Dark Revenant, tweaked for better scaling and masking plus a version for ARPIA2.

Nova Roid Fix (546 KB)

This plug-in works around a Nova engine bug to ensure that asteroids do not disappear when playing in 16:9 widescreen resolutions.


MissionComputer 4.3.1 (7.5 MB) Duessa 4.2.2 (win)
8 September 2020: 4.3.1 released with support for .npif files.

The primary plug-in editor for Mac. Written by David Arthur, minor updates by myself.

ResForge Universal

Modern resource fork editor, including advanced Nova templates and visual shan editor.

> source code SpacePort 1.3.2 (2.0 MB)
31 January 2022: 1.3.2 released.

Program for porting EV and EVO plug-ins to the Nova engine, written by Michael Hewitt, Brian Norwood and myself.

Plug-in Archiver 2.4.2 (1.5 MB) Deprecated
5 March 2012: 2.4.2 released.

A simple archiving program with automatic MacBinary encoding.
Note: The Windows .rez format is now preferred for plug-in distribution.

Plug-in Extractor (5.0 MB) Windows
27 June 2013: Initial release.

One-click plug-in extraction and conversion for Windows users - handles almost any archive format downloaded from the Nova Addons.

EV Nova Launcher (654 KB)

Stand-alone, no-frills launcher to run EV Nova using the app’s current directory for plug-ins and pilots.

> source code Plug-in Converter (60 KB) 64-bit

Convert plug-ins between Mac and Windows formats. Correctly converts types such as 'snd ' that MC doesn't.


EV Nova Bible
Easy-navigation HTML version, originally formatted by Jail.

Resource ID Guide
Last modified: 29 November 2021

Pilot File Format
Last modified: 5 October 2021
Based on Matt Burch's spec for original EV pilot files.
Note pilot files can be edited directly in ResForge.

EV Nova Hacks
Last modified: 15 February 2022

EV Nova Mission BitMap
NCB analysis by the Mission BitMap program.

EV Override Mission BitMap
NCB analysis by the Mission BitMap program.

EV Classic Mission BitMap
NCB analysis by the Mission BitMap program.

Back Room

How did you get here?

Polycon EV (29.1 MB)

AnubisTTP's Polycon, unofficially updated and repackaged for compatibility with both Mac Nova 1.1 and Windows.

Infini-D Models (917 KB)

Various 3D models I've used when making EVO Extras and maintaining Facelift, all based on the original EVO model files.

Additional Nova ports of classic plug-ins

Largely untested and unsupported.